Website Maintenance Saturday 11th December03 Dec 2021
Due to a scheduled maintenance, between 10:00pm Saturday 11th December and 12:00am Sunday 12th December the following Racing Australia services will be unavailable: , , and the Single National System (Including StableAssist and RSB). We apologise for any inconvenience.
Reminder to Stallion Proprietors – September coverings13 Oct 2021
A reminder to Stallion Proprietors that Declarations of Service for any covering which occurred 1 September to 30 September are due 15 October 2021. Studs lodging service dates Online - log on via the home page and select the 'Online Services' / 'Declarations of Service' / ‘Add Service’ menu on our website. Studs lodging service dates electronically through a stud management program (Ardex, Equimaster or Stable-Eyes) - please email your file as soon as possible to
Reminder to Breeders - Live Foal Mare Returns08 Oct 2021
Live Foal Mare Returns are due within 30 days of birth. To access the Online mare return program, log on via the home page and select the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Lodge Mare Return’ header. Upon submission of mare returns, you will be directed to the Foal Ownership Declaration function, which must be submitted within 30 days of birth.
Reminder to Breeders05 Aug 2021
Any mare covered by a stallion that has not been recorded to stand in the 2021 covering season, will not have the covering recorded in the ASB records, or any resulting progeny accepted. To ensure your choice of stallion is eligible to cover this season, check the stallion’s header block on our website (new imported stallions are exempt and will not be displayed as standing until late August due to completing the import DNA process).
Reminder – Foal Ownership Declarations05 Aug 2021
Upon submission of mare returns, you will be directed to the Foal Ownership Declaration function. For your convenience, all live foal mare returns entered by you will be displayed if the Foal Ownership Declaration is outstanding. If you do not wish to complete the Foal Ownership Declaration at this point, you or the owner can access the lodgement at a later stage under the 'Online Services/Foal Ownership Declaration' tab on the menu bar. To assist completing the process User Guides are available at each stage, however please contact the Owners & Breeders Service Centre if you require further assistance on 02-8072 1900.
Reminder to Stallion Proprietors07 May 2021
Please be reminded that if you are standing a stallion in the 2021 covering season, Stallion Returns are due by 30 June 2021. To access the Online stallion return program, log on via the home page and select the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Stallion Return’ header. Upon acceptance of payment, your stallion will be advertised on the website with stud or contact name, phone number and 2021 service fee, and displayed in the 'Stallions Standing in Australia' listing. If your stallion has died or you have retired him from breeding, please advise us to enable his records to be closed. This can be completed Online by selecting the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Retirement/Death Notification’ header. Please ensure all imported stallions have an import application submitted. All first season imported stallions will have a DNA kit dispatched upon submission of an import application. Import Applications can be downloaded from the 'General Information/Forms' header. If you require any assistance, please contact our office on (02) 8072 1900.